Converting the Analog World Into a Digital Reality

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Avoid the high cost and complexity of traditional digitization strategies. eyesense is a computer vision sensory solution enabling non-intrusive data digitization of any Industrial environment.

Plug & Play

eyesense software defined sensors are customizable for simplified installation and activation in any environment. Working seamlessly with the eyesense IoT data platform, a user-friendly interface allows for defining and updating sensor functionality remotely.


eyesense connected sensors incorporate the latest LPWA wireless technologies enabling connectivity with most cellular and satellite networks globally. LPWA also enables multi-year battery life ideal for remote area sensor installations.


The eyesense IOT data platform is open to developers and can be used to monetize a wide variety of computer vision modules for all industries.

Connecting the Unconnectable

The innovative eyesense software defined sensor provides the ability to sense all visual information enabling real time, remote access, to previously unattainable and unimaginable data from any environment.

Creating a Data Reality

Leveraging computer vision and machine learning, eyesense provides a data digital reality of your industrial environment. The eyesense IoT data platform is your one stop warehouse for data storage and analysis to support operation, maintenance, audit, and risk mitigation strategies.

Reducing costs, Increasing capability: A CAPEX to OPEX transition

The eyesense non-intrusive overlay solution allows customers to avoid the high CAPEX cost of network replacement and provides the possibility of data digitization via a lower cost OPEX model.

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A limitless range of Industrial applications

Analog Meters

Pipe Leakage

Any industrial environment

Let eyesense create a data reality of your Industrial environment

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